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I am a user experience developer based in Boston, Massachusetts. I work at Smart Destinations developing e-commerce, post-purchase, and intranet web sites in collaboration with marketing and the rest of the development team.

Prior to my current job, I did independent graphic and web design for writers, artists, businesses, and non-profits. I built websites which project clients' personalities or brand identities and effectively promote their work and services. Through a process of ideation and iteration learned in the Product Design department at Stanford University, I find the right design solution for each client.

Comments from clients

We have been so proud of our logo that we want to get everything under the sun with it on it. I wonder if I can find a tattoo artist…just kidding. We display it proudly.

--Deborah Robey, Lonestar Pyrs and Paws North

Nora created materials for my business that perfectly balanced professionalism and creativity. She was thoughtful, responsive, and helpful throughout the whole process, even placing my order with a printer. I would absolutely use Nora again, and would recommend her to anyone looking for design help.

Jessica Scully, freelance writer

I came across Nora through a recommendation from another satisfied client of hers. Although I'd never met this client, her praises were enough for me to contact Nora. After a few brief conversations and email exchanges, Nora "got" my style and managed to translate it into a wonderful website. In fact, when a friend looked at the site, she commented that it was exactly "my style" and reminded her of me! That's a job well-done, in my opinion. Nora is accessible, responsive and creative: the perfect combination needed to do what she does so well.

-- Sheryl Kraft, writer

I have never met Nora; in fact, I just realized I don't even know what she looks like. We have had one phone conversation and many email interactions. Working with her has been easy, fun, and collaborative. Whenever I have questions, big or small, she responds. I did not know the first thing about creating a website, and Nora walked me through every step, with patience and respect. Nora has never met me, but she has displayed an uncanny ability to know me through my written words. People who visit my website comment that it truly reflects me, and they always mention the unique and inviting design of the site. I would not hesitate to recommend Nora to others.

-- Jan Donley, playwright, author, teacher

Nora created a logo and website, as well as business cards and ancillary printed items for my new business. I never give someone my business card without their commenting on how nice it is. The identity she created for me has helped give me credibility in a new field. Nora is not only brilliant creatively, she is a dream to work with. She's smart, responsive, and always has great suggestions and advice. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat.

-- Janine Adams, Professional Organizer

I think Nora is a great person to work with on designing a site…she's really good at finding out what the client wants and achieving a style that suits that person's goals, rather than imposing her own personality and design preferences—while at the same time that doesn't stop you from giving the benefit of her expertise. She seems patient and willing to roll with the little, picky, pain-in-the-ass modifications and fine tunings. I'd recommend her to someone if they asked.

-- Lowry Pei, Author

Nora Brown is one of the few people with whom I have worked that I can recommend wholeheartedly, enthusiastically and completely without reservation. She is pure joy to work with both from a business and creative standpoint—she is smart, refreshingly honest and straightforward, reliable, and distinguishes herself by being one of those rare personalities for whom a problem is simply an enticing challenge. She has a seemingly limitless visual vocabulary, exquisite taste, and is technically precise and imaginative.

I had postponed building a portfolio web site—the entire process seemed overwhelming and tedious. However, to my surprise the process turned out to be anything but overwhelming and tedious and all the credit goes to Nora—she made the experience for me not only effortless but exciting and fun; she never tried to impose her aesthetic onto me but built a site that was right for me. I found her design solutions to be ingenious and the site ended up being everything that I had dreamed of but would never have been able to define without her.

-- Sally Brown, Illustrator

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