About this blog

I created this blog when I started freelancing, to help answer frequently asked questions from clients on SEO, images, content management and the like. I have not added anything in several years, but see no reason to take it down.

Your New Website 101

This blog is dedicated to helping my clients add to, edit, and manage the content on their sites. These days, I almost exclusively use a content management system, or CMS, called Textpattern to build client websites. Thus, much of this site is about how to use Textpattern to manage all the kinds of content on your site—from “About Me” text, to blog posts, to images and links.

I hope you find this information helpful as you learn to use your new site, and I’d love to hear from you what you need more help with, or what you’d like to learn more about.

Here are a few good how-to articles to start with:

And some general information articles:

You can also view the screencasts.

Your website is not just a bunch of files

20 March 11 , ,

Most websites aren’t made up of a collection of static HTML pages, but run on a content management system which relies on a database. The database is an integral part of the site, which cannot function without it.

Tracking Events with Google Analytics

14 March 11 ,

Going beyond pageview tracking with Google Analytics’ event tracking has many potential applications.

Your website is your company's online face

Your website should have the same feel and personality as your business in general. It shouldn’t be viewed as a separate entity.

Calls to action throughout your website

7 March 11 ,

Paul Boag is always talking about “calls to action”. It kind of sounds like goofy marketing speak at best, or at worst some way to manipulate users. But calls to action can be beneficial to both users and your bottom line, as he explained in a recent podcast.

How to apply visual changes with Textile

4 March 11 ,

In a pinch, Textile shorthand markup can be used to changed alignment, padding, or colors in your text.

Thank you, Dropbox

18 February 11 ,

Dropbox is my most favorite web application. It certainly came in handy when my iMac died yesterday.

Different connections to Facebook

20 January 11 , ,

There are many ways to connect your website with Facebook. This post describes three of them, including the new(ish) Like buttons.