Building an AdWords Campaign: Day 1

23 February 10 , ,

In this series of posts, I plan to walk through the process of creating a Google Adwords campaign. (Thanks to Janine Adams, for the idea). If you aren’t familiar with AdWords, start with my previous post What is an AdWords Campaign?.

Day 1 will be pretty easy. Your goals for today are:

  1. Create an AdWords Account
  2. Familiarize yourself with AdWords terms

Creating an AdWords Account

Visit the AdWords homepage to get started. If you already have a Google Account (for example, if you use GMail or any other Google service) you can use that to log in. Otherwise, you will create a new account. Learn more about creating an AdWords account.

Get to know AdWords Terms

You can always refer to the complete AdWords glossary, but here are some of the common terms and definitions:


A single display of your ad


Cost per click


Cost per thousand impressions

Display url

The url that is displayed with the ad

Destination url

The actual url of the page someone will go to if they click on your ad


Words or phrases that you want to trigger the display of your ads


You can have multiple campaigns in your AdWords account. Each campaign should have a specific focus, such as a particular service you are advertising, or a specific geographic location you are trying to reach.

Ad Group

Each campaign, then, can have multiple Ad Groups, which are an even more focused group of ads. All the ads in an ad group are triggered by the same keywords.

What’s Next

In Day 2, we’ll decide on our campaign’s focus, and pick some keywords.

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