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In a recent newsletter, I described the Facebook “Like” button, which was introduced in 2010 as part of their “Open Graph” intiative (aka letting advertisers know everything about you). A client of mine then emailed to ask if she already had this on her site. This post will differentiate among the different ways your site might link to Facebook.

Link to your Facebook page

The simplest type of link is just a link to your Facebook Page. This is a straightforward hyperlink like any other on the web, which simply links a page on your website to your page on Facebook, like so:

<a href="http://
The Nora Brown Design Facebook Page</a>

Which produces The Nora Brown Design Facebook Page. These link is often in a sidebar or footer, and is often represented with an icon of some kind.

Share on Facebook link

This link comes in various incarnations, but it is often paired with other Share links — like those for Twitter, Delicious, Email, etc. This link allows a site visitor to share what they’re viewing — often a single blog post, on one of these websites. Clicking a “Share on Facebook” style link brings up a page where you can actually post the link to your Wall, along with a photo and comment. This then appears in your feed just like any normal post you make on Facebook.

Facebook Like button

Facebook Like button on ror-threads.com

This is the latest offering, and is part of Facebooks Open Graph system. Clicking this link is kind of like a “thumbs up” vote for whatever it’s associated with. A small note and link appears on your Facebook feed, and the number of Likes (and if desired the profile pictures of those who’ve Liked it) appear near the button.

A Like note posted on Facebook

After "Liking" something, a note appears on your FB page

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