Does your browser make the grade?

20 October 10

If companies were giving away the latest, most high-tech, hi-def, four-color-liquid-crystal-display televisions for free, would you be content with an old, black-and-white, CRT model just because it came installed when you bought your house?

I didn’t think so. However, if you are using Internet Explorer, this is essentially the approach you are taking to your browsing software.

Internet Explorer fails

Even the very latest version of IE falls quite short on support for the latest internet technologies, compared to Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Not only do these browsers allow web developers to build more advanced websites, they are also faster.

There are new tools out there for web developers, including CSS3 and HTML5, and while most modern browsers are rapidly adapting and adding support for them, IE has been glacially slow on the uptake. Just take a look at the results of the Acid Test, which was developed to test a browser’s support and conformance to the latest web standards:

You can test your browser yourself.

Switch now!

I know I’ve moaned about this before, but the faster people abandon Internet Explorer, the faster web developers such as myself can embrace advanced techniques that make websites more beautiful, user-friendly, and easier to build and maintain. That also means a better website at lower cost for our clients.

What's your browser?
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