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11 July 08 ,

Hey everybody, a design I created several years ago for my mom’s dance studio (Dancestation in O’Fallon, IL) was recently published in a book, called Communicating with Pattern: Squares, Checks and Grids. Exciting!

I’m still not sure what I think of the book, and whether it is really useful as a design reference or not — but it’s still quite nifty to see a design officially in print.


Here’s the review I left on Amazon.

I’m afraid I largely agree with Brent G., even though I have a piece in this book (p 056!).

There are plenty of nice examples here, from colloquial designs to works of art and graphic design, but there is no unifying direction. The book presents a lot of nice pictures, but doesn’t make any real point about them.

But, why should it have to? If you’re looking for a wide variety of squares, checks and grids in the world, and not analysis of why they are used or are effective, then this book serves the purpose.

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