Make a poll, take a poll

18 April 09 , ,

There are a couple of handy services available to allow you to easily poll your site’s visitors. One is PollDaddy, which is easy to use and free for basic plans. Here is a poll I created with PollDaddy:

You can also easily link directly to a poll on Polldaddy’s site, which is handy for including in e-mail newsletters.

A competitor to PollDaddy is PollAuthority. Here is the same poll created with PollAuthority:

While PollAuthority allows really flexible color schemes, it uses bloated html tables for layout, so it took a bit more finagling to get it to look right. PollAuthority also loses points for not including an “Other” option which allows poll takers to actually fill in their own option. The last point in favor of PollDaddy over PollAuthority is that while you can create a simple link to a PollAuthority poll (for sending in html emails, for example), it’s not an advertised option, and you’d have to know some html to figure it out. For account other than the basic free ones, though, PollAuthority is more afforable (compare PollAuthority’s pricing with PollDaddy’s).

To sum up, for quick online polls, I recommend using PollDaddy, until PollAuthority polishes its service. I’ll be posting a screencast tutorial soon on how to create and post an online poll using PollDaddy.

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