Nifty new Google "Wonder Wheel"

19 May 09 , ,

Google has rolled out an interesting new tool that can be used for keyword research, and is a more intuitive, less data-heavy view than their other keyword analysis tools I’ve written about.

Google's new search options

It’s called the “Wonder Wheel”, and while Google hasn’t written about it specifically, they have explained some of the new search options that are available. In the video on that page, they explain that the Wonder Wheel shows your term in the center, with related terms radiating outward. You can then click on the related terms and the map readjusts. The search results continually update accordingly on the right-hand side.

You can access these new options from the main search page, by clicking the link as shown at right.

The question I have is, how are the “related search terms” related? I’m sure the answer is some sort of crazy-complex Google equation. But for example, in the WonderWheel at right, are the terms “professional organizing services” and “closet organizer service” related by what people search and click on, or by connected content on the web?

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