Picking meta keywords

Google states that it “generally ignores the keyword meta tag” on web pages. Nevertheless, on all the sites about SEO I’ve read, it says that some search engines may still use them, and since they are fairly easy to implement, so why not use them.

So, what keywords should you use? For each page, pick out specific words or phrases from the text, and rank them in order of importance. You should have a list of 10 phrases at the maximum. This is what the meta description and meta keywords should look like for this post:

<meta name="description" content="How to pick the right meta
keywords for your site, on Nora Brown Design's client blog." />
<meta name="keywords" content="picking keywords, SEO, 
using metadata, Nora Brown Design" />

You can use tools like Google Trends and Google’s Keyword tool to track the relative popularity of different search terms, and help you brainstorm keywords to use on your site. Keep in mind though, that you shouldn’t have meta keywords that aren’t use in the user-viewable content on your site.

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jan donley Nov 23 2008

Hi, Nora—
I am very interested in making keywords work for me. How are keywords different from tags? Now that I have read your blog entry again, I see that keywords might be words & phrases actually planted in the content of a blog entry—and then Google recognizes those words? Could one then pull the keywords out and label them as tags?
So many questions…

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