Including a single article image

21 October 07 , ,

My first post on images explained how to upload your images using the Images tab of the Textpattern interface. But now that your images on uploaded, how do you include them in your article? The process is different depending on whether you have one or multiple images you want to include. This post will explain the simpler process of including a single article image.

Inserting a single image an article

After you have uploaded your image, created or uploaded its thumbnail, and filled in the relevant alt and caption information, all you need to do is reference the image in the “Article image” field on the article Write page. Simply enter the image name, such as “italy.jpg” into the Article image field.

Check out the screencast Add a single image for a demonstration.

If you try this, and find it’s not working, please let me know. Your site may have been set up differently.

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