Snail Mail from Google!

9 December 09 , ,

Despite the fact that they probably sent identical mailing to millions of businesses, I felt strangely flattered to receive a piece of mail from Google. I think this boils down to three things:

  1. Google doesn’t spam. Unlike AOL or even Yahoo!, if they send you something, it’s something you want.
  2. They’re not asking for your money. Google provides nearly all it’s services for free, so their mailings aren’t asking you to buy anything.
  3. The piece is personalized. It claims that Nora Brown Design is a “favorite place” on Google, and that my Google Local listing has been viewed 468 times in the last 3 months.
  4. What they sent is theoretically useful. It is a decal to put in my shop window (if I had one), which customers can scan with their phone to get more info about my business.

These are things to keep in mind if preparing your own snail mail or email marketing campaign. Google has made me feel privileged to receive what is essentially junk mail. Very clever.

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