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AdWords Day 5: Creating an AdWords Ad

In Day 5, I break down the parts of an AdWords Ad, look at the difference between a Campaign and an AdGroup, and show you how to create an Ad.

AdWords Day 4b: More on Landing Pages

In this post, I look at several online ads and their accompanying landing pages, both good and bad.

AdWords Day 4: Your Landing Page

6 March 10 , ,

The landing page is a key aspect of your AdWords campaign. Here are some guidelines for building a successful one.

AdWords Day 2: Plan Your Campaign

24 February 10 , ,

In the second step of creating a AdWords Campaign, we plan what we’ll be advertising, and consider the destination url.

Building an AdWords Campaign: Day 1

23 February 10 , ,

In this series of posts, I plan to walk through the process of creating a Google Adwords campaign.