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Your website is not just a bunch of files

20 March 11 , ,

Most websites aren’t made up of a collection of static HTML pages, but run on a content management system which relies on a database. The database is an integral part of the site, which cannot function without it.

Thank you, Dropbox

18 February 11 ,

Dropbox is my most favorite web application. It certainly came in handy when my iMac died yesterday.

Recycle used DVDs and CDs

2 January 11

If you’ve been making backups to DVD on a regular basis, you likely have a whole stack of ancient ones that aren’t so useful. Recycle them!

Tidy and backup your computer for the New Year

31 December 10 ,

The end of the year is a good time to tidy and backup your computer, and make sure you have a regular and reliable backup system in place.