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Tags and Categories

15 July 10 , , ,

The blogs I set up for clients often include the capability to “tag” posts. But categories are also available—in this post I hope to clarify the difference between the two, and allow you to decide which to use to organize your content.

(File) Size Matters

19 November 09 , , ,

How to determine a file’s size in Mac or Windows, and file size guidelines and facts.

What's in a filename?

4 November 09 , , ,

General thoughts and specific guidelines on naming conventions for files on the web.

Anatomy of a Google search result

13 September 09 , ,

In this article, I’ll break down a typical Google search result, explaining the different parts and where they derive from.

You are not alone

17 June 09 , ,

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I ask “what browser are you using?” you are not alone. This video from Google is quite funny and enlightening.

More Google search options

14 June 09 ,

An introduction to some of the search options Google offers, beyond simple keyword searching.

Files to send? Zip 'em!

4 May 09 , , ,

If you have several files to email, it may be easier to gather them into a single zip file. I’ll explain how, and mention a couple services for sending files too large for email.

Pixels vs. Vectors video

5 December 08 , ,

A cute video that clarifies the difference between pixel and vector graphics.

Glossary of terms

8 November 08 ,

A handy reference to web and design-related terms.

Fonts on the web: follow up

28 October 08 ,

I recently wrote this article for my client newsletter, NBD News, and I wanted to add some new resources about fonts on the web, so I thought I’d reproduce it here.

What is a website made of?

At a basic level, code + images = website! In this article, I’ll explain the main ingredients that make up a website.

What is RSS?

2 May 08 , , ,

After putting it off for ages, I’ve finally learned everything I need to know (for now) about RSS, and I’m passing some of that on to you.

What is a web browser?

21 February 08 , , ,

A basic question answered.

How do I check my new email account?

20 February 08 , , ,

You have a new email address based on your domain name, but how the heck to you get to those emails? This article explains how, via the web, or your favorite email client.

Images on the web: a primer

31 October 07 , ,

Here some important information to know about images on the web, before you start adding them to your site.

Logging in to Textpattern

17 October 07 , ,

How to log in to your Textpattern admin user interface.