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My favorite browsers

16 January 11 ,

Enjoy surfing the internet? Enjoy it even more with a browser upgrade!

Review of Litmus for Testing HTML Email

Litmus is an easy-to-use online app for testing html emails and web pages, with a very nice user interface, but the price is too rich for my blood.

Does your browser make the grade?

20 October 10

Why settle for a stale, sub-par browser, when the latest and greatest ones are free and constantly improving?

What Web Designers Do: Deal with browser differences

4 April 10 ,

As part of a series which I hope will illuminate some of what is involved in designing and building websites, this post looks at dealing with visual and behavioral differences amongst browsers.

Useful diagnostics tool

I came across a really useful and well-designed site today, which should make the process of diagnosing browser bugs with clients a whole lot easier.

Do you use Internet Explorer 6? Please stop.

16 March 08

A personal appeal from one web designer to her clients.

What is a web browser?

21 February 08 , , ,

A basic question answered.