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Calls to action throughout your website

7 March 11 ,

Paul Boag is always talking about “calls to action”. It kind of sounds like goofy marketing speak at best, or at worst some way to manipulate users. But calls to action can be beneficial to both users and your bottom line, as he explained in a recent podcast.

Using Jumpchart for content planning

A review of Jumpchart, a web content planning application. No more back and forth with Word docs or emails about text edits!

What to Write?

15 May 10 ,

A few ideas for keeping the blog posts flowing.

Revisit your About page

14 May 10 ,

Revisit your About page, and see if it follows these important guidelines.

Using a controlled vocabulary

Using a controlled vocabulary while writing your text and developing your site navigation will improve the findability of your content.

Review your FAQ's

12 April 10 , ,

Thoughts and recommendations from A List Apart on an almost-ubiquitous feature of websites these days: the FAQ page.

Streamline Your Content

Is your web content as simple and streamlined as it could be? Does each sentence, paragraph, and page contribute something important to your site? Steve Krug thinks probably not; he says: “Get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of what’s left.”

Give me all your content!

Clients sometimes forget that they share a major responsibility in the development of their site: planning and preparing the text and images that make up the site content.