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Different connections to Facebook

20 January 11 , ,

There are many ways to connect your website with Facebook. This post describes three of them, including the new(ish) Like buttons.

How to Import Your Blog to Facebook

Got a Facebook page? Got a blog? Want to let your Facebook fans know about your blog posts? In this article and video, I’ll show you how!

Tips on a Successful Facebook Page

30 January 10 ,

A few tips for sprucing up your Facebook Page. Truth be told, it’s a somewhat cumbersome process.

Introduction to Facebook Pages

A Facebook Page is like a personal Facebook Profile, except specifically for promoting an organization, business, band, non-profit, etc.

Facebook Ads and Notifications

30 January 10 ,

More on some of Facebook’s myriad settings, including Notifications and Ads.

Control Your Privacy on Facebook

30 January 10 ,

I recent article on prompted me to take a closer look at my Facebook Privacy settings.