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Tracking Events with Google Analytics

14 March 11 ,

Going beyond pageview tracking with Google Analytics’ event tracking has many potential applications.

Oh, the places you'll Google

17 September 10 ,

If you have a business that operates in a specific geographic area, you need to have a listing on Google Places. This post describes a few of the key features.

Google Sitelinks

25 June 10 , ,

A bit about Google sitelinks, and why they aren’t all that important.

AdWords Day 5: Creating an AdWords Ad

In Day 5, I break down the parts of an AdWords Ad, look at the difference between a Campaign and an AdGroup, and show you how to create an Ad.

AdWords Day 4b: More on Landing Pages

In this post, I look at several online ads and their accompanying landing pages, both good and bad.

AdWords Day 4: Your Landing Page

6 March 10 , ,

The landing page is a key aspect of your AdWords campaign. Here are some guidelines for building a successful one.

Using Google Alerts

5 March 10 ,

Google Alerts are a free, no-hassle way to keep tabs on competitors, news stories, or your own brand.

AdWords Day 3: Keyword Research

1 March 10 , ,

In Day 3, we work on the list of keywords for which we want our ad to display.

AdWords Day 2: Plan Your Campaign

24 February 10 , ,

In the second step of creating a AdWords Campaign, we plan what we’ll be advertising, and consider the destination url.

Building an AdWords Campaign: Day 1

23 February 10 , ,

In this series of posts, I plan to walk through the process of creating a Google Adwords campaign.

Snail Mail from Google!

9 December 09 , ,

Only Google could make me feel special by sending me junk mail.

Google Anlaytics: Where to start?

29 November 09 Comments [1] » ,

An overview of the homepage of Google Analytics: the Dashboard.

Client Map

23 November 09 , ,

Custom Google maps can really come in handy, and you can embed them right into your website.

Create your Google Profile

17 November 09

Help people find you with a Google Profile.

What is an AdWords campaign?

23 September 09 , , ,

Thanks to a question from a client, I realized that many people do not know what an AdWords campaign is, much less the difference between AdWords and AdSense.

Anatomy of a Google search result

13 September 09 , ,

In this article, I’ll break down a typical Google search result, explaining the different parts and where they derive from.

Are your urls friendly?

11 September 09 , ,

I’m sure you’ve seen crazy long urls with query strings, search parameters, etc. attached to them. Sometimes, this is unavoidable and doesn’t cause problems. But whenever possible, it’s best to have logical, succinct, “friendly” urls.

Webmaster Tools: Your site on the web

24 June 09 , ,

This post provides more detail about some of the information you can get about “Your site on the web” from Google’s Webmasters Tools: Top search queries, Links to your site, Keywords, and Internal links.

Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools

24 June 09 , ,

In addition to its extremely complete Analytics web statistics package, Google also provides a set of tools for webmasters to track broken links, keep track of sitemaps, and more.

More Google search options

14 June 09 ,

An introduction to some of the search options Google offers, beyond simple keyword searching.

Finding sites that link to yours

Using the “link:” operator in Google search returns a list of sites that link to yours, but it isn’t a full list. I look at a couple of other options for a more complete picture.

Add your listing to Google Local

20 May 09 , ,

Follow a few simple steps to add your business to Google Local search results.

Nifty new Google "Wonder Wheel"

19 May 09 , ,

Google has rolled out an interesting new tool that can be used for keyword research, and is a more intuitive, less data-heavy view than their other keyword analysis tools I’ve written about.

Google Trends and Google's Keywords Tool

8 May 09 , ,

I’ve mentioned Google’s Keywords Tool and Google Trends as ways to discover the keywords that people are searching for on Google. This post explains in more detail how to use these tools.

Writing meta descriptions

21 November 08 , ,

Info from the Google blog on how to write a good “meta description.”

New ways to track your users

8 November 08 Comments [1] » , ,

Google Analytics is a free and full-featured stats package, but how can you get more insight into what your visitors are up to on your site? Clicktale and CrazyEgg to the rescue!

Picking meta keywords

How to pick the right meta keywords for your site.

Widget-ize your stats!

23 April 08 , , , ,

A fun trick for Mac users to display Google stats as a widget in your dashboard.

How do I get my site on Google? Part II

4 February 08 ,

After confirming that your site is in Google’s index, how can you get it to move up in the rankings?

How do I get my site on Google? Part I

4 February 08 ,

An answer to a common question from my clients.