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Speeding up sites: CSS sprites for icons

4 October 09 , , , ,

I’ve written before about using css sprites to reduce the number of http requests a web browser has to make to your server. This is an excellent technique to use with small icons.

Three (make that four) online photo editing sites reviewed

Images from your digital camera will typically be far too large for use on your blog, and you may want to correct red-eye or brightness levels before you post them. Luckily, you no longer need any expensive desktop software to do a little simple photo editing.

In this post, I compare three top online photo editing services.

Pixels vs. Vectors video

5 December 08 , ,

A cute video that clarifies the difference between pixel and vector graphics.

Images on the web: a primer

31 October 07 , ,

Here some important information to know about images on the web, before you start adding them to your site.

Including multiple article images

21 October 07 , ,

Though a bit more complicated than including just a single article image, adding multiple images to your article is still fairly straightforward.

Including a single article image

21 October 07 , ,

My first post on images explained how to upload your images using the Images tab of the Textpattern interface. But now that your images on uploaded, how do you include them in your article? The process is different depending on whether you have one or multiple images you want to include. This post will explain the simpler process of including a single article image.

Uploading images

14 October 07 , ,

Many times, you will want to include one or more images with an article. This is fairly straightforward to accomplish, though it sometimes involves a few steps, depending on how many images you want to include and whether you are using thumbnails. This post explains the first step of the process, uploading images.