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Wordle: Generate Awesome Word Clouds

2 April 10 , ,

The website generates cool word clouds based on text you give it.

AdWords Day 3: Keyword Research

1 March 10 , ,

In Day 3, we work on the list of keywords for which we want our ad to display.

Nifty new Google "Wonder Wheel"

19 May 09 , ,

Google has rolled out an interesting new tool that can be used for keyword research, and is a more intuitive, less data-heavy view than their other keyword analysis tools I’ve written about.

Google Trends and Google's Keywords Tool

8 May 09 , ,

I’ve mentioned Google’s Keywords Tool and Google Trends as ways to discover the keywords that people are searching for on Google. This post explains in more detail how to use these tools.

New Screencast: Tag your site

I’ve recorded a new screencast on tagging content and managing tags on your site.

New Screencast: Add metadata to your site

17 February 09 , , , ,

Meta-data is behind-the-scenes information about a web page, and it is helpful for Search Engine Optimization. In a new screencast, I show how to add this data to your pages using Textpattern.

Picking meta keywords

How to pick the right meta keywords for your site.