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Different connections to Facebook

20 January 11 , ,

There are many ways to connect your website with Facebook. This post describes three of them, including the new(ish) Like buttons.

Adding to a link list or blogroll

10 September 10 , ,

It’s simple to maintain a list of links on your site. This article and screencast shows you how.

How to add titles to your links

Adding titles to your links can aid accessibility as well as findability/SEO.

Link it; link it good

12 February 08 ,

Links are what make the web a web. You can easily include both external and internal links in your posts, and this article explains how.

Tips for good blogging

12 October 07 , , , ,

I’ve read several lists of tips for good blogging. This is my summary of what I feel are the most important ones.

Useful Textpattern terms

Textpattern is the content management system I’ve been using for the last couple of years to build all my clients’ sites. These are some useful terms and definitions for clients to know.