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Your website is your company's online face

Your website should have the same feel and personality as your business in general. It shouldn’t be viewed as a separate entity.

Your website's personality

An offbeat question to get to serious answers about the audience, purpose, and personality of your website.

New Features of Campaign Monitor

14 October 10 ,

Email marketing service Campaign Monitor continues to add to its impressive feature set, with autoresponders, pay-by-the-month plans, and A/B split testing.

Campaign Monitor features you may not know about

13 October 10 ,

Campaign Monitor has some great features you may not being using, such as integration with Google Analytics and email design testing.

Oh, the places you'll Google

17 September 10 ,

If you have a business that operates in a specific geographic area, you need to have a listing on Google Places. This post describes a few of the key features.

How to gain Twitter followers

27 August 10 ,

Whether you are using Twitter to connect with like-minded people, or to promote a product or service, you’ll want your follower list to grow over time. In this post, I list a few ways to make that happen.

Introduction to Facebook Pages

A Facebook Page is like a personal Facebook Profile, except specifically for promoting an organization, business, band, non-profit, etc.

Claiming a blog on Technorati

20 January 10 ,

The process of claiming a blog on Technorati involves verifying ownership with a claim code like 5WAJTFP3Y8CP

Snail Mail from Google!

9 December 09 , ,

Only Google could make me feel special by sending me junk mail.

More local directories

10 October 09 , , ,

To make your site as findable as possible for your local audience, there are many sites that offer free local business listings, including all the major search engines.

What is an AdWords campaign?

23 September 09 , , ,

Thanks to a question from a client, I realized that many people do not know what an AdWords campaign is, much less the difference between AdWords and AdSense.

Got something to say? Send an E-Newsletter!

There are a lot of services that allow you to send email newsletters to a mailing list, and in this article I evaluate three.