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Introduction to Facebook Pages

A Facebook Page is like a personal Facebook Profile, except specifically for promoting an organization, business, band, non-profit, etc.

Submit your blog to directories

15 October 09 , , ,

One way to promote you blog is to submit it to various online directories.

More local directories

10 October 09 , , ,

To make your site as findable as possible for your local audience, there are many sites that offer free local business listings, including all the major search engines.

More offline advertising options

Here are a few recommendations for offline products to promote your website.

Got something to say? Send an E-Newsletter!

There are a lot of services that allow you to send email newsletters to a mailing list, and in this article I evaluate three.

Read all about an e-mail newsletter

Many small businesses are starting their own email newsletters. This post lists some important things to remember when putting together an email newsletter, and links to other good resources.

Promoting your website online

8 November 07 ,

It’s a great feeling to have your website complete, looking great, and filled with relevant content about your business. But how do you get people to visit your new online real-estate? Here are a few free ways to promote your website online, along with links to more resources.

Promoting your website: old-school

6 November 07 , ,

You may have thought about how to advertise your site online, but there are lots of affordable ways to promote it off-line as well. Here are a few old-school methods to let people know about your site.