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Web Annotation Apps: A Review

I recently had occasion to “annotate” a website. I thought surely someone had built the perfect tool for this, but while there are several available, none of them is perfect yet.

Two Screencasting Apps Reviewed

10 December 09 , , ,

I had been waiting to invest in some new screencasting software until I got my new iMac. Now that it’s here, I’m checking out a couple of promising applications: Screenflow and Camtasia for Mac.

Three (make that four) online photo editing sites reviewed

Images from your digital camera will typically be far too large for use on your blog, and you may want to correct red-eye or brightness levels before you post them. Luckily, you no longer need any expensive desktop software to do a little simple photo editing.

In this post, I compare three top online photo editing services.

Two point-handling Illustrator plugins reviewed

I basically hate Adobe Illustrator. It feels like an incredibly bloated program that is at the same time missing fundamental and simple functionality. If it were a car, it would have the ability to change color, but no windshield wipers.

That is where these two plugins come in handy.

A dangerously good book on typography

A Complete Manual of Typography is a thorough and surprisingly readable book covering all the subtle ins and outs of setting type.

Make a poll, take a poll

18 April 09 , ,

A comparison of two services you can use to create a quick poll: PollDaddy, and PollAuthority.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Affiliates program claims to be redesigned and easy to use, but I found the same complications as before.

Four social bookmarking sites

As I recently mentioned in my newsletter, social bookmarking sites allow you to store your bookmarks online, share them with others, and find new sites of interest to you. But with so many out there, which do you use? In this article I describe a few of the top contenders.

Got something to say? Send an E-Newsletter!

There are a lot of services that allow you to send email newsletters to a mailing list, and in this article I evaluate three.

In a book!

11 July 08 ,

A design I did several years ago was recently published in a book!