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Using the preview pane

Ever notice the three little tabs to the write of the body field on the Write page in Textpattern? I’ll explain why they can be so useful, and I’ve recorded a screencast to demonstrate.

Adding to a link list or blogroll

10 September 10 , ,

It’s simple to maintain a list of links on your site. This article and screencast shows you how.

All about Twitter lists

28 August 10 , , ,

Lists are a recent feature on Twitter, and are pretty useful for organizing the people you follow, finding new Twitter users to follow. (Now with video!)

How to link to a file

Instructions and video describing several ways to link to a file you’ve uploaded via the Files tab in Textpattern

Add an html signature in GMail

Leaving debate about whether you should or shouldn’t use an html signature in your email, here are step-by-step instructions for adding one in GMail.

Flame Painter

2 April 10 , ,

Flame Painter is an online drawing application that allows you to create wild, colorful pictures.

AdWords Day 5: Creating an AdWords Ad

In Day 5, I break down the parts of an AdWords Ad, look at the difference between a Campaign and an AdGroup, and show you how to create an Ad.

Two Screencasting Apps Reviewed

10 December 09 , , ,

I had been waiting to invest in some new screencasting software until I got my new iMac. Now that it’s here, I’m checking out a couple of promising applications: Screenflow and Camtasia for Mac.

Three (make that four) online photo editing sites reviewed

Images from your digital camera will typically be far too large for use on your blog, and you may want to correct red-eye or brightness levels before you post them. Luckily, you no longer need any expensive desktop software to do a little simple photo editing.

In this post, I compare three top online photo editing services.

New Screencast: Tag your site

I’ve recorded a new screencast on tagging content and managing tags on your site.

New Screencast: Add metadata to your site

17 February 09 , , , ,

Meta-data is behind-the-scenes information about a web page, and it is helpful for Search Engine Optimization. In a new screencast, I show how to add this data to your pages using Textpattern.

Adding a new event

Some websites require events listings, and you can create and maintain these with Texpattern. If your site has an events section, here is how to manage it.


17 October 07 , ,

I have made (and will continue to make) screencasts of many of the common tasks you’ll want to do with Textpattern and Textile.