Articles tagged with site-development

Your website is your company's online face

Your website should have the same feel and personality as your business in general. It shouldn’t be viewed as a separate entity.

Using Jumpchart for content planning

A review of Jumpchart, a web content planning application. No more back and forth with Word docs or emails about text edits!

2010 Writers' conference presentation

A little snippet of a presentation I gave at the 2010 ASJA writers’ conference in NYC. I am a truly dreadful public speaker…

Your website's personality

An offbeat question to get to serious answers about the audience, purpose, and personality of your website.

The Website Development Process

Current or previous clients may familiar to some extent with my website development process already, but for prospective clients, or those curious about what goes on on my end, I thought I would lay out the basic steps.

Give me all your content!

Clients sometimes forget that they share a major responsibility in the development of their site: planning and preparing the text and images that make up the site content.

What is a website made of?

At a basic level, code + images = website! In this article, I’ll explain the main ingredients that make up a website.