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My favorite browsers

16 January 11 ,

Enjoy surfing the internet? Enjoy it even more with a browser upgrade!

Two Screencasting Apps Reviewed

10 December 09 , , ,

I had been waiting to invest in some new screencasting software until I got my new iMac. Now that it’s here, I’m checking out a couple of promising applications: Screenflow and Camtasia for Mac.

Two point-handling Illustrator plugins reviewed

I basically hate Adobe Illustrator. It feels like an incredibly bloated program that is at the same time missing fundamental and simple functionality. If it were a car, it would have the ability to change color, but no windshield wipers.

That is where these two plugins come in handy.

What is a web browser?

21 February 08 , , ,

A basic question answered.

How do I check my new email account?

20 February 08 , , ,

You have a new email address based on your domain name, but how the heck to you get to those emails? This article explains how, via the web, or your favorite email client.