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Google Anlaytics: Where to start?

29 November 09 Comments [1] » ,

An overview of the homepage of Google Analytics: the Dashboard.

Webmaster Tools: Your site on the web

24 June 09 , ,

This post provides more detail about some of the information you can get about “Your site on the web” from Google’s Webmasters Tools: Top search queries, Links to your site, Keywords, and Internal links.

Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools

24 June 09 , ,

In addition to its extremely complete Analytics web statistics package, Google also provides a set of tools for webmasters to track broken links, keep track of sitemaps, and more.

Streamline Your Content

Is your web content as simple and streamlined as it could be? Does each sentence, paragraph, and page contribute something important to your site? Steve Krug thinks probably not; he says: “Get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of what’s left.”

New ways to track your users

8 November 08 Comments [1] » , ,

Google Analytics is a free and full-featured stats package, but how can you get more insight into what your visitors are up to on your site? Clicktale and CrazyEgg to the rescue!

Widget-ize your stats!

23 April 08 , , , ,

A fun trick for Mac users to display Google stats as a widget in your dashboard.