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Tags and Categories

15 July 10 , , ,

The blogs I set up for clients often include the capability to “tag” posts. But categories are also available—in this post I hope to clarify the difference between the two, and allow you to decide which to use to organize your content.

Awesome new blog feature!

24 October 09 ,

I’ve added explanatory tool tips to this blog, to quickly provide definitions for web-related terms.

New Screencast: Tag your site

I’ve recorded a new screencast on tagging content and managing tags on your site.

Glossary of terms

8 November 08 ,

A handy reference to web and design-related terms.

What is a website made of?

At a basic level, code + images = website! In this article, I’ll explain the main ingredients that make up a website.

RSS: Excerpts or full posts?

3 May 08 , ,

Now that you have an RSS feed for your blog, should it contain only excerpts, or complete posts?

What is a web browser?

21 February 08 , , ,

A basic question answered.

Images on the web: a primer

31 October 07 , ,

Here some important information to know about images on the web, before you start adding them to your site.

Useful Textpattern terms

Textpattern is the content management system I’ve been using for the last couple of years to build all my clients’ sites. These are some useful terms and definitions for clients to know.