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How to apply visual changes with Textile

4 March 11 ,

In a pinch, Textile shorthand markup can be used to changed alignment, padding, or colors in your text.

How to link to a file

Instructions and video describing several ways to link to a file you’ve uploaded via the Files tab in Textpattern

How to add titles to your links

Adding titles to your links can aid accessibility as well as findability/SEO.

How to use the cite tag

6 May 10 ,

Find yourself discussing books or quoting people on your blog? Use the <cite> element!

How to use em and strong

6 May 10 ,

When to use the “em” and “strong” tags in your text content, and how to insert them using Textile.

Playing in a Textile Sandbox

11 September 09 ,

My Textile sandbox is a web page that allows you to learn and experiment with Textile markup.

Textile tips

11 September 09 , ,

Here are a few helpful Textile tips I’ve learned—including how to use Textile markup with no spaces around it.

Tables with Textile

Need to add a simple table to your blog post or other article? You can do it with Textile.

Using Textile to add formatting

Textile is a set of cues you can use that tells Textpattern what kind of formatting to apply to your text. This allows you to put add italicized or bold text, lists, headings, links, and much more to your posts. This article shows you some of the most commonly used Textile cues.

Tips for good blogging

12 October 07 , , , ,

I’ve read several lists of tips for good blogging. This is my summary of what I feel are the most important ones.

Useful Textpattern terms

Textpattern is the content management system I’ve been using for the last couple of years to build all my clients’ sites. These are some useful terms and definitions for clients to know.