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Thank you, Dropbox

18 February 11 ,

Dropbox is my most favorite web application. It certainly came in handy when my iMac died yesterday.

Review of Litmus for Testing HTML Email

Litmus is an easy-to-use online app for testing html emails and web pages, with a very nice user interface, but the price is too rich for my blood.

Using Jumpchart for content planning

A review of Jumpchart, a web content planning application. No more back and forth with Word docs or emails about text edits!

Three (make that four) online photo editing sites reviewed

Images from your digital camera will typically be far too large for use on your blog, and you may want to correct red-eye or brightness levels before you post them. Luckily, you no longer need any expensive desktop software to do a little simple photo editing.

In this post, I compare three top online photo editing services.