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Further notes on annotating using Denote

Following my review of a few web annotation apps, here is a more in-depth look at Denote.

Web Annotation Apps: A Review

I recently had occasion to “annotate” a website. I thought surely someone had built the perfect tool for this, but while there are several available, none of them is perfect yet.

Review of Formstack

A new online form creation service, Formstack, takes the top honors amongst 5 I’ve tried so far.

TeuxDeux: A Simple Online To-Do List

TeuxDeux is a simple, attractive online to-do list.

Wordle: Generate Awesome Word Clouds

2 April 10 , ,

The website generates cool word clouds based on text you give it.

Readability: Eliminate clutter on any website

Install the Readability bookmarklet to transform any article into a single, ad- and distraction-free column of readable text.

Useful domain name search tools

30 September 09 , ,

A couple of handy tools that will search domain names for specific keywords.

Webmaster Tools: Your site on the web

24 June 09 , ,

This post provides more detail about some of the information you can get about “Your site on the web” from Google’s Webmasters Tools: Top search queries, Links to your site, Keywords, and Internal links.

Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools

24 June 09 , ,

In addition to its extremely complete Analytics web statistics package, Google also provides a set of tools for webmasters to track broken links, keep track of sitemaps, and more.

Useful diagnostics tool

I came across a really useful and well-designed site today, which should make the process of diagnosing browser bugs with clients a whole lot easier.

Review of online forms and surveys services

22 May 09 , ,

A quick review of three four options for building and distributing online surveys: SurveyMonkey, Survs, Icebrrg, Wufoo, and Formstack.

Make a poll, take a poll

18 April 09 , ,

A comparison of two services you can use to create a quick poll: PollDaddy, and PollAuthority.

What the font?

8 November 08 , ,

Ever wonder what that awesome font is in your favorite magazine’s headlines? Find out with What The Font?

Four social bookmarking sites

As I recently mentioned in my newsletter, social bookmarking sites allow you to store your bookmarks online, share them with others, and find new sites of interest to you. But with so many out there, which do you use? In this article I describe a few of the top contenders.

Got something to say? Send an E-Newsletter!

There are a lot of services that allow you to send email newsletters to a mailing list, and in this article I evaluate three.

Make it Tiny!

28 May 08 ,

A tip for managing those ginormous urls.

I'm on top of RSS, now what is Feedburner?

Feedburner is a RSS-related service recently bought by Google. I did some research recently, and signed up for an account to find out what it was all about.

Shameless self-promotion

Merchandising, Merchandising!