2012, ongoing. This website showcases Anna Brown's clothing designs, which are also for sale in the shop section, powered by Big Cartel.

  • Ann Brown collection on phone
  • Anna Brown collection on tablet
  • Anna Brown homepage on desktop
  • Anna Brown collection on desktop

Vaughn Sills

Fall 2006. This site for photographer Vaughn Sills serves as her online portfolio. The design is minimal and stripped down, focusing attention on the photographs.

  • Vaughn Sills' homepage
  • Vaughn Sills' slideshow page

ROR Threads, Inc.

Fall 2008, ongoing. This website for Roll Over Rover, Inc., showcases each design and the combination of garments, sizes, and colors in which it's available.

  • Roll Over Rover homepage
  • Roll Over Rover - individual design

Behind The Knife

Summer 2009 The tag line for this blog by author Lisa Rogak is "Chef Toolboxes Tell All".

No longer active.

  • Behind The Knife: Chef Toolboxes Tell All

Mediations Journal

2007, ongoing. Online journal of the Marxist Literary Group. This journal made the transition from print to the web in 2007, and the design echos the design of the print edition, and maintains the coherency of each issue through time.

  • Mediations homepage
  • Mediations article page

Peace of Mind Organizing

2006 - 2010. Janine Adams switched careers in 2006 from pet writer to professional organizer. I developed her logo, business cards, and website. Since then, we've expanded her site to include a popular blog and a page to sign up for her workshops. I also built a e-newsletter template, t-shirts, car tire cover, and postcards, and various advertisements.

  • Peace of Mind Organizing homepage
  • Peace of Mind Organizing content page
  • Peace of Mind Organizing blog

2010. Chris Talsma, of Filoramo Talsma, 10d Architecture, wanted an easy-to-update website that would show case his companies projects. He wanted users to be able to easily view projects, keeping mouse clicks to a minimum.

  • homepage
  • project page

Jennifer Quasha

Summer 2006. Website for pet writer and editor Jennifer Quasha. Custom-drawn illustrations by Sally Brown.

  • Jennifer Quasha homepage
  • Jennifer Quasha content page

Red House Pilsen

Fall 2005. Website for a building in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, with two apartments for rent.

  • Red House Pilsen homepage
  • Red House Pilsen content page

Saatchi Synagogue

Summer 2007. Website for Saatchi Synagogue in London, for publicizing their events, regular services, and newsletter.

Lowry Pei

Spring 2006. This site for author Lowry Pei features short stories, novel excerpts, and essays. Each can be downloaded as a pdf, but the layout and typography was designed with online readability in mind.

  • Lowry Pei homepage
  • Lowry Pei content page

Sally Brown Illustration

Spring 2003. This site for artist and illustrator Sally Brown serves as her online portfolio. Though the code is outdated now, I still like the design.

  • Sally Brown Illustration homepage
  • Sally Brown Illustration - instructional drawings